5 Reasons Why People Rent a Stairlift

The invention of the stairlift revolutionised the mobility sector and enabled elderly and disabled people to access their upstairs living space; there are occasions when otherwise able-bodied people have a temporary need for a stairlift.

Here are a few examples of scenarios when you might need a stairlift for a few weeks or months.

  1. Post surgery – If you are scheduled for serious surgery, you might not be able to navigate the stairs for a couple of months and with stairlift hire in Stratford-Upon-Avon, you can still lead a normal life while you recover.
  2. Sporting injury – If you play football and suffer a broken ankle, this would make climbing the stairs almost impossible, unless you hire a unit for the time you need to recover. Any serious leg injury would require wearing a plaster cast or a support device and putting your weight on the leg is out of the question.
  3. High blood pressure – If you are overweight, ascending and descending the stairs could set your blood pressure through the roof and renting a stairlift is definitely a wise move.
  4. Old age – There are only a few certainties in this world and one of them is the fact that the human body is constantly degrading and eventually, this affects mobility.
  5. Accident injury – It might be a fall or slip and that could cause an injury that restricts you to the point where climbing the stairs is almost impossible.

When you are in need of a stairlift for a specific amount of time, search with Google for a stairlift supplier in your area.

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